What people are saying about Love & Loyalty

Josephine B. Pasquarello’s book Love & Loyalty is her incredible story of growing up in an Italian family in Philadelphia. It really is the story of her truly remarkable mother who after the death of her husband, the result of a mob hit, puts all she has into raising their twelve children on her own. She is aided by her intense love for her deceased husband and for their children as well as her deep devotion to God. With this support system the children are able to survive and even thrive. The extent to which this woman is able to sacrifice for her children is almost beyond comprehension. The author describes the love the boys and girls have for their mom and for one another as well as the normal youthful rivalries that emerge. All of the events are told with language that reflects the flavor of their community. Josephine sadly indicates that after her mom’s death at 66 the family begins to fall apart, a family whose members while under their mom’s guidance had always helped and cared for one another.

To derive further inspiration I have begun to reread Josephine’s wonderful story. I would recommend that others enter her world of love and loyalty by reading this book.
—Glenn Miller

The book was great, a must read! ❤️ It was very heartfelt and brought back so many memories and it showed me just how important family really is.
—Jackie Rossini Gonnella

What a beautifully written book. Your pain over the loss of your Father is very evident. The love you express for your Mother, her tremendous courage, determination and constant care and concern for her children was wonderfully brought to life.
—Toni Pasquarella McDole

Josephine Pasquarello’s book, Love & Loyalty is one of the best reads of this year. It is a great love story full of joy, pathos and humor. At the same time it is a mystery that unfolds as you laugh and cry your way through the book. Josephine has done a tremendous job developing her characters and by the end of the story you know the Pasquarello family. I heartily recommend the story to readers of all ages.
—Bob Delaney, Author/Critic

Josephine Pasquarello’s book, Love & Loyalty shows how determination and love can be triumphant even in the shadows of a dark and dangerous family secret.
—Dennie Vespi, Talk Show Host – “Remember Then Radio”

Just finished reading Love & Loyalty what a good book. I could not put it down. I already told my sister and sister-in-law to read your book. They both are getting your book on Kindle.
—Dolores Pasquarello

I just finished Love & Loyalty and was initially disappointed. I thought I was going to be reading a juicy Mafia crime story, but that’s not what it was. I was pleasantly surprised and enamored that it turned out to be a love story about the down-to-earth Pasquarello family headed by the matriarch, their mother, Romania. It’s about a woman who loved so deeply she kept her husband’s secret from the family for a lifetime. A woman who went to great lengths to keep her 12 children together no matter what the cost. I came to know and love the Pasquarello family because the story is written in a way that brings you right into the family. You cheer for their triumphs and cry for their tragedies. I would recommend this book to everyone who holds family important. Josephine, wishing you much success with this treasure. You have a flair for storytelling.
—Layna Schiavo Rizzo

Love & Loyalty is a terrific book that chronicles a wonderful mom and what she had to do to keep her family together. Josephine puts you right there in the action. Enjoyed it!
—Charles Sacchetti, Author

Love & Loyalty is a story about strength, resilience and most important…the love of a Mother for her children. Josephine Pasquarello’s stories are so vivid I can imagine being in her Mother’s (my grandmother’s) kitchen eating homemade.
—Nicole Romania Thuesen 💋

Thank you so much for coming to the Friends Home in Kennett Square to talk about your book Love & Loyalty. The residents really enjoyed meeting you—hearing about your family heritage, upbringing, and your very strong and courageous mother.
—Amy Grayhill, Activities Coordinator, Friends Home

Thoroughly enjoyed your book Love & Loyalty, it really showed what a mother’s love and family devotion can do with the almost impossible adversity of losing her husband and raising a family of 12 children. The two coincidences of having the same name and a mother named Josephine also were too much. The adventures and stories in a neighborhood that I was a teenager also registered. I look forward to reading any other works.
—Philip Pasquarello

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Josephine talks about her new book Love and Loyalty. A story about an immigrant mom raising her twelve kids in the shadow of a mob crime.